Amor Sobre Rieles

Release Date:
Oct 26, 2001
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Romantic Comedy
Eric Bross
Lance Bass Kevin
Joey Fatone Rod
Emmanuelle Chriqui Abbey
GQ Eric
James Bulliard Randy
Al Green Himself
Tamala Jones Jackie
Richie Sambora Mick Silver
Amanda Foreman Julie
Dan Montgomery Brady
Dave Foley
Jerry Stiller Nathan
Wendy Thorlakson , Richard Hull , Peter Abrams , Robert L. Levy , Bob Osher , Jeremy Kramer , Robbie Brenner , Johnny Wright , Lance Bass , Andrew Panay
Eric Aronson, Paul Stanton
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Amor Sobre Rieles

Kevin has everything going for him, but his lifelong lack of confidence keeps him from recognizing love and happiness -- even if it's sitting next to him. When Kevin meets the girl of his dreams, Abbey, on Chicago's L train, they connect immediately but he lets this golden opportunity slip away by not having the courage to ask her for her name and number. Unable to find her, or forget her, Kevin and his buddies launch a massive campaign to locate Abbey.

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