On Dangerous Ground

Release Date:
Feb 12, 1952
Running Time:
Crime Drama
Nicholas Ray
Ida Lupino Mary Malden
Robert Ryan Jim Wilson
Ward Bond Walter Brent
Charles Kemper Pop Daly
Anthony Ross Pete Santos
Ed Begley Capt. Brawley
Ian Wolfe Sheriff Carrey
Sumner Williams Danny Malden
Gus Schilling Lucky
Frank Ferguson Willows
Cleo Moore Myrna Bowers
Olive Carey Mrs. Brent
Richard Irving Bernie Tucker
Pat Prest Julie Brent
Bill Hammond Fred (uncredited)
John Houseman , Sid Rogell
A. I. Bezzerides

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On Dangerous Ground

Jim Wilson is New York police detective on the edge. Hardened and embittered by his years of dealing with the lowest forms of criminal the city has to offer, Wilson becomes increasingly violent with suspects. For his own good, Wilson's police captain assigns him to a murder investigation in the countryside for a change of scenery. While searching for the killer, Wilson meets the suspect's sister, Mary Malden, a blind woman who might turn his life around.

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