Of Mice and Men

Release Date:
Dec 30, 1939
Running Time:
Lewis Milestone
Burgess Meredith George
Lon Chaney Jr. Lennie
Betty Field Mae
Charles Bickford Slim
Roman Bohnen Candy
Bob Steele Curley
Noah Beery Jr. Whit
Oscar O'Shea Jackson
Granville Bates Carlson
Leigh Whipper Crooks
Leona Roberts
Helen Lynd Susie
Barbara Pepper Second Girl
Henrietta Kay Girl
Eddie Dunn Bus Driver
Lewis Milestone

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Of Mice and Men

In this acclaimed adaptation of the novella by John Steinbeck, migrant farmhands George Milton and Lennie Small begin working at a ranch near Soledad, California, after the mentally handicapped Lennie got the pair in trouble at their last job. George dreams of settling down on their own farm where Lennie can tend his beloved rabbits, but despite George's best efforts to protect his friend, events accidentally take a tragic turn.

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