Of Human Hearts

Release Date:
Feb 11, 1938
Running Time:
Clarence Brown
Walter Huston Rev. Ethan Wilkins
James Stewart Jason Wilkins
Beulah Bondi Mary Wilkins
Gene Reynolds Jason Wilkins as a Child
Guy Kibbee George Ames
Charles Coburn Dr. Charles Shingle
John Carradine President Abraham Lincoln
Ann Rutherford Annie Hawks
Leatrice Joy Gilbert Annie Hawks as a Child

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Of Human Hearts

When preacher Ethan Wilkins relocates to a small, hardscrabble town on the Ohio River, he's surprised by the poor treatment he gets from the locals, but bears it quietly. His son, Jason, however, hates the town. Against his father's wishes, he aspires to be a doctor, and demands that his mother sell off her few possessions to pay for his education. When the Civil War breaks out, he finds success as a surgeon, but is estranged from his family.

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