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O. Henry's Full House

Release Date:
Sep 18, 1952
Running Time:
Henry Hathaway, Howard Hawks, Henry King, Henry Koster, Jean Negulesco
Fred Allen Sam ``Slick'' Brown
Anne Baxter Joanna Goodwin
Charles Laughton Soapy
Jeanne Crain Della
Farley Granger Jim
Oscar Levant Bill Peoria
Jean Peters Susan Goodwin
Gregory Ratoff Behrman
André Hakim
Lamar Trotti, Richard L. Breen, Ivan Goff, Ben Roberts

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O. Henry's Full House

Soapy believes that getting arrested and thrown into a warm jail cell is the best solution to being homeless in cold weather. Fugitives Sam and Bill kidnap a child to raise $2,000 for a new scam, and Della and Jim seek to buy each other Christmas gifts on a tight budget. This anthology of five short stories by author O. Henry includes ''The Cop and the Anthem,'' ''The Clarion Call,'' ''The Last Leaf,'' ''The Ransom of Red Chief'' and ''The Gift of the Magi.''

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