No Sad Songs for Me

Release Date:
Apr 28, 1950
Running Time:
Rudolph Maté
Margaret Sullavan Mary Scott
Wendell Corey Bradford ''Brad'' Scott
Viveca Lindfors Chris Radna
Natalie Wood Polly Scott
John McIntire Dr. Ralph Frene
Ann Doran Louise Spears
Richard Quine Brownie
Jeanette Nolan Mona Frene
Dorothy Tree Frieda Miles
Raymond Greenleaf Mr. Caswell
Urylee Leonardos Flora

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No Sad Songs for Me

Upon being diagnosed with terminal cancer, selfless suburban housewife Mary Scott makes the ultimate sacrifice: she decides to keep the unpleasant news from her husband, Brad, and daughter, Polly, to avoid devastating her loved ones. Instead, Mary encourages Brad's affair with a co-worker, and even grooms the other woman to take her place. But as Mary's illness progresses, keeping it a secret presents a considerable challenge.

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