No More Orchids

Release Date:
Nov 25, 1932
Running Time:
Walter Lang
Carole Lombard Annie Holt
Lyle Talbot Tony
Walter Connolly Bill Holt
Louise Closser Hale Grandma Holt
Allen Vincent Dick
Ruthelma Stevens Rita
C. Aubrey Smith Jerome Cedric
William V. Mong Burkehart
Jameson Thomas Prince Carlos
William Worthington Cannon
Broderick O'Farrell Benton (Butler)
Belle Johnstone Housekeeper

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No More Orchids

On a cruise, Tony Gage meets heiress Anne Holt but, knowing that she's engaged to royalty, resists her flirtations. Back home, Anne tells her father, Bill, about her attraction to Tony, but he's in a financial crisis and can't help her break the engagement. She then turns to her wealthy grandfather, who insists that she go through with the marriage. Having met Tony, though, Bill wonders how he can help Anne and also save himself.

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