No Man of Her Own

Release Date:
Dec 15, 1932
Running Time:
Comedy Drama
Wesley Ruggles
Clark Gable Babe Stewart
Carole Lombard Connie Randall
Dorothy Mackaill Kay Everly
Grant Mitchell Charlie Vane
Elizabeth Patterson Mrs. Randall
Lillian Harmer Mattie
George Barbier Mr. Randall
J. Farrell MacDonald `'Dickie'` Collins
Charley Grapewin Clerk
Albert Lewis
Maurine Dallas Watkins, Milton Herbert Gropper

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No Man of Her Own

Gambler Babe Stewart flees Manhattan when his mistress threatens to turn him in. He hides out in a small town, where he meets prim librarian Connie Randall . When Connie refuses his advances, Babe impetuously flips a coin to decide whether to marry her, and does. Returning to New York with Connie, Babe avoids the police and convinces his new wife that he holds a respectable day job. But when Connie discovers Babe's duplicity, she takes matters into her own hands.

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