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Ninja Assassin

Release Date:
Nov 25, 2009
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Action,Martial Arts
James McTeigue
Rain Raizo
Naomie Harris Mika
Ben Miles Ryan Maslow
Rick Yune Takeshi
Shô Kosugi Lord Ozunu
Guido Foehrweisser Europol Agent
Stephen Marcus Kingpin
Wladimir Tarasjanz Aleksei Sabatin
Randall Duk Kim Tattoo Master
Sung Kang Hollywood
Eleonore Weisgerber Mrs. Sabatin
Joon Lee Teenage Raizo
Kai Fung Rieck Teenage Takeshi
Kylie Liya Goldstein Young Kiriko
Sungwoong Yoon Young Raizo
Anna Sawai Teenage Kiriko
Joel Silver , Grant Hill , Larry Wachowski , Andy Wachowski , Thomas Tull , Jon Jashni , William Fay
Matthew Sand, J. Michael Straczynski
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Ninja Assassin

Trained in methods of killing from an early age, Raizo is a member of the secret clan of assassins known as the Ozunu. After the Ozunu kill his friend, however, Raizo breaks free from them and vanishes. Meanwhile, Europol agent Mika Coretti discovers a money trail linking the the group to murders. Raizo saves Mika from his former comrades and joins forces with her to bring down the Ozunu forever.

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