Night Passage

Release Date:
Jul 24, 1957
Running Time:
James Neilson
James Stewart Grant McLaine
Audie Murphy The Utica Kid
Dan Duryea Whitey Harbin
Dianne Foster Charlotte Drew
Elaine Stewart Verna Kimball
Brandon de Wilde Joey Adams
Jay C. Flippen Ben Kimball
Herbert Anderson Will Renner
Robert J. Wilke Concho
Hugh Beaumont Jeff Kurth
Jack Elam Shotgun
Tommy Cook Howdy Sladen
Paul Fix Mr. Feeney
Olive Carey Miss Vittles
James Flavin Tim Riley
Donald Curtis Jubilee
Ellen Corby Mrs. Feeney
John Day Latigo
Kenny Williams O'Brien
Frank Chase Trinidad
Herold Goodwin Pick Gannon
Aaron Rosenberg
Borden Chase

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Night Passage

Former railroad worker Grant McLaine is hired by boss Ben Kimball to help transport the railroad's payroll. The train carrying the payroll has been robbed multiple times in the past, and Kimball hopes that McLaine can successfully guard the money from the robbers. But matters are complicated for McLaine when he finds out that one of the robbers is his brother, who is now going by the name of the Utica Kid .

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