Enfermeras de Noche

Release Date:
Jul 16, 1931
Running Time:
Crime Drama
William A. Wellman
Barbara Stanwyck Lora Hart
Ben Lyon Mortie
Joan Blondell B. Maloney
Grace Perkins, Oliver H.P. Garrett, Charles Kenyon

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Enfermeras de Noche

Live-in nurse Lora Hart is sent to care for two ailing young children. As the health of her patients gets progressively worse, she begins to question the methods of the children's doctor. Eventually, Lora finds irrefutable evidence linking the doctor to a plot to murder the children. Unfortunately, it's the young nurse's word against the doctor's, and no one believes Lora. But she does have one ally -- a hardened criminal named Mortie who owes Lora his life.

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