Die heiße Spur

Release Date:
Jun 11, 1975
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Arthur Penn
Gene Hackman Harry Moseby
Jennifer Warren Paula
Melanie Griffith Delly Grastner
Susan Clark Ellen Moseby
Edward Binns Joey Ziegler
Harris Yulin Marty Heller
Kenneth Mars Nick
John Crawford Tom Iverson
Janet Ward Arlene Iverson
James Woods Quentin
Dennis Dugan Boy
Max Gail Stud

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Die heiße Spur

Hard-nosed private investigator Harry Moseby, to distract himself from a rapidly deteriorating marriage, takes a case from an aging B-movie queen to locate her runaway daughter, Delly . His search takes him to the Florida Keys, where the girl has been hiding out with her stepfather, Tom, and Tom's lover, Paula . Harry initiates an affair with Paula and soon learns the case is more complex than he first assessed it.

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