Night and the City

Release Date:
Oct 16, 1992
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Crime Drama
Irwin Winkler
Robert De Niro Harry Fabian
Jessica Lange Helen Nasseros
Cliff Gorman Phil Nasseros
Alan King Ira 'Boom Boom' Grossman
Jack Warden Al Grossman
Eli Wallach Peck
Barry Primus Tommy Tessler
Gene Kirkwood Resnick
Pedro Sanchez Cuda Sanchez
Harry J. Ufland , Mary Jane Ufland , Irwin Winkler , Jane Rosenthal
Gerald Kersh, Richard Price

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Night and the City

Harry Fabian is a crooked lawyer running cons all over New York City. After he fails at a boxing scam, he finds himself in dire financial straits and takes a loan from a merciless moneylender named Mr. Peck . When he needs help paying Peck back, Harry turns to Helen, a married waitress he is sleeping with. He begins to plot one last con -- that double-crosses many of his allies. With no friends left around town, Harry's luck goes from bad to worse.

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