Wenn das Blut kocht

Release Date:
Dec 7, 1959
Running Time:
John Sturges
Frank Sinatra Capt. Tom Reynolds
Gina Lollobrigida Carla Vesari
Peter Lawford Capt. Grey Travis
Steve McQueen Bill Ringa
Richard Johnson Capt. Danny De Mortimer
Paul Henreid Nikko Regas
Brian Donlevy Gen. Sloan
Dean Jones Sgt. Jim Norby
Charles Bronson Sgt. John Danforth
Philip Ahn Nautaung
Robert Bray Col. Fred Parkson
Kipp Hamilton Margaret Fitch
John Hoyt Col. Reed
Whit Bissell Capt. Alofson
Richard Lupino Mike Island
Aki Aleong Billingsly
Maggie Pierce Nurse (uncredited)
Leon Lontoc Laurel (uncredited)
Edmund Grainger
Millard Kaufman

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Wenn das Blut kocht

Capt. Tom Reynolds is the leader of a U.S. military intelligence group stationed in Burma, training Kachin revolutionary troops to fight against encroaching Japanese forces during World War II. Tom leaves on another mission, and when he returns, he discovers that his camp has been overrun by Chinese guerrillas who have killed many of his American and Kachin friends. Enraged, Tom leads an unauthorized mission into China to search for the men who killed his fellow soldiers.

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