Nevada Smith

Release Date:
Jun 10, 1966
Running Time:
Henry Hathaway
Steve McQueen Nevada Smith/Max Sand/Fitch
Karl Malden Tom Fitch
Brian Keith Jonas Cord
Arthur Kennedy Bill Bowdre
Suzanne Pleshette Pilar
Raf Vallone Father Zaccardi
Janet Margolin Neesa
Pat Hingle Big Foot
Howard da Silva Warden
Martin Landau Jesse Coe
Paul Fix Sheriff Bonnell
Gene Evans Sam Sand
Josephine Hutchinson Mrs. Elvira McCanles
John Doucette Uncle Ben McCanles
Henry Hathaway , Joseph E. Levine
John Michael Hayes

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Nevada Smith

Half-breed Max Sand witnesses the brutal murder of his parents and vows to track down and kill the gang of men who did it. On his quest, he meets Jonas Cord, a gunsmith who unsuccessfully tries to persuade Max to give up his vendetta. Instead, Cord teaches Sand how to shoot, and the young avenger uses that skill as he tracks down the killers one by one, a bloody journey that takes young Sand, now calling himself Nevada Smith, to Louisiana and back out West.

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