My Wild Irish Rose

Release Date:
Dec 27, 1942
Running Time:
David Butler
Dennis Morgan Chauncey Olcott
Arlene Dahl Rose Donovan
Andrea King Lillian Russell
Alan Hale John Donovan
George Tobias Nick Popolis
George O'Brien ''Duke'' Muldoon
Sara Allgood Mrs. Brennan
Ben Blue Hopper
William Frawley William Scanlon
Don McGuire
Charles Irwin Foote
Clifton Young Joe Brennan
Paul Stanton Augustus Piton
George Cleveland Captain Brennan
Oscar O'Shea Pat Daly
Ruby Dandridge Della
William Davidson Brewster
Charles Marsh Stone
Grady Sutton Brown
Andrew Tombes Herman Baxter
Robert Lowell Tenor (uncredited)
William Jacobs

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My Wild Irish Rose

In this musical, Chauncey Olcott -- a character based on the real-life 19th-century singer-songwriter -- starts off as a minstrel show performer, but his life and career completely change when singer Lillian Russell gives him a starring role in a Broadway show. Olcott's girlfriend, Rose, gets jealous, suspecting an affair. But in spite of his relationship battles, Olcott's star rises with a series of ballads, including the title track.

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