My Little Chickadee

Release Date:
Feb 9, 1940
Running Time:
Edward F. Cline
Mae West Flower Belle Lee
W.C. Fields Cuthbert J. Twillie
Joseph Calleia Jeff Badger (proprietor, Last Gasp Saloon/The Masked Bandit)
Dick Foran Wayne Carter (editor, 'Greasewood Gazette')
Margaret Hamilton Mrs. Gideon
George Moran Milton (Twillie's Indian confederate)
Si Jenks Deputy (uncredited)
Gene Austin Saloon musician
Lester Cowan , Jack J. Gross
W.C. Fields, Mae West

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My Little Chickadee

When a gold-digging singer, Flower Belle Lee, is kidnapped by a masked bandit, the town goes wild with speculation. When she returns unharmed, and is later seen kissing the bandit, she is tried by a judge and thrown out of town. On a train she meets a con man, Cuthbert J. Twillie . Mistaking him for a wealthy man, Lee marries him on the spot. From there the two engage in a series of petty cons and deceits that bring Twillie ever closer to the gallows.

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