My Friend Ivan Lapshin

Release Date:
Mar 24, 1987
Running Time:
Aleksey German
Andrei Boltnev Ivan Lapshin
Nina Ruslanova Natasha Adasova
Andrei Mironov Khanin
Aleksei Zharkov Okoshkin
Aleksandr Filippenko Zanadvorov
Yuriy Kuznetsov Superintendent
Andrei Dudarenko Kashin
Zinaida Adamovich Patrikeyevna
Valeriy Filonov Pobuzhinskiy
Anatoliy Slivnikov Bychkov
Eduard Volodarskiy, Eduard Volodarsky

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My Friend Ivan Lapshin

As a police detective in Stalinist Russia, Ivan Lapshin lives a life of extremes. At home in the communal flat he shares with other families, he is a considerate, genial presence. In his love life, he is trying to seduce a young actress, and is almost comically inept. But in his work life, he is unimaginably cruel and brutal to those individuals the state wants rounded up. His latest case involves tracking down a gang that trades in human meat.

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