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    • Comedy
    • R
    • Sep 4, 2015
    • Break Point

    • A rough around the edges tennis pro is making one final crack at a major doubles tournament. Due to his drinking and on court attitude, other pros shy away from being his partner. He'll have to ask his younger brother for help if he wants to succeed.
    • Action Historical Drama
    • R
    • Sep 4, 2015
    • Dragon Blade

    • An exiled Chinese general offers shelter to a renegade Roman and his legion, then becomes involved in the soldier's dispute with Rome's villainous consul .
    • Action Thriller
    • PG-13
    • Sep 4, 2015
    • The Transporter Refueled

    • Frank Martin is living a less perilous lifestyle, or so he thinks, transporting classified packages for questionable people. Things get complicated when femme fatale Anna and her three accomplices orchestrate a bank heist and the kidnapping of Frank's father. It's all part of a grand plan to take down the human trafficker who victimized her years earlier. Now a pawn in her vengeful scheme, the former special-operations mercenary must use his covert skills to play Anna's dangerous game.
    • Adventure Comedy
    • R
    • Sep 2, 2015
    • A Walk in the Woods

    • Travel writer Bill Bryson takes a long-lost old friend for a hike along the Appalachian Trail, which stretches more than 2,000 miles from Georgia to Maine.