Morning Glory

Release Date:
Aug 18, 1933
Running Time:
Lowell Sherman
Katharine Hepburn Eva Lovelace
Douglas Fairbanks Jr. Joseph Sheridan
Adolphe Menjou Louis Easton
C. Aubrey Smith Robert Harley ``Bob'' Hedges
Mary Duncan Rita Vernon/blonde star
Don Alvarado Pepi Velez
Richard Carle Henry Lawrence/elderly critic
Tyler Brooke Charley Van Duesen/alcoholic writer
Geneva Mitchell Gwendoline Hall/brunette actress

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Morning Glory

In a provincial town, an actress harbors aspirations of greatness. Dying to be Broadway's next big thing, Eva Lovelace finds her path to critical acclaim blocked by performers who've spent more time on the stage. But her career seems to be picking up steam when she catches the eye of theater mogul Joseph Sheridan, and when another starlet's sudden absence threatens his production, Joseph looks to Eva to save his play.

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