Marjorie Morningstar

Release Date:
Apr 24, 1958
Running Time:
Irving Rapper
Gene Kelly Noel Airman
Natalie Wood Marjorie Morgenstern
Claire Trevor Rose Morgenstern
Ed Wynn Uncle Sampson
Everett Sloane Arnold Morgenstern
Carolyn Jones Marsha Zelenko
Marty Milner Wally Wronkin
Martin Balsam Dr. David Harris
Ruta Lee Imogene Norman
Paul Picerni Philip Berman
Alan Reed Puddles Podell
Jesse White Lou Michaelson
Edward Byrnes Sandy Lamm
Russell Ash Harry Morgenstern
Howard Bert Seth Morgenstern
Leslie Bradley Blair
Peter Brown Alec
Patricia Denise Karen
Walter Clinton Mr. Zelenko
Reginald Sheffield Hotel Desk Clerk
Pierre Watkin Civil Official
Steve Gitto Bandleader
Kenneth J. Godfrey Drummer/Man in bullfight audience/Harmonica player at campfire
Milton Sperling
Everett Freeman

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Marjorie Morningstar

Marjorie Morgenstern, a college girl from a conventional Jewish family, finds herself increasingly drawn to the acting profession after becoming smitten with Catskills entertainer Noel Airman . Though Marjorie's parents pressure her to settle into a middle-class family life, she brushes aside the doctor they want her to marry, changes her name to Marjorie Morningstar and strives to become an actress while Noel struggles to write a Broadway musical.

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