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Manna From Heaven

Release Date:
Apr 4, 2003
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Maria Burton, Gabrielle Burton
Seymour Cassel Stanley Stanley
Shelley Duvall Detective Dubrinski
Jill Eikenberry Dottie
Louise Fletcher Mother Superior
Frank Gorshin Ed Burns
Faye Grant Rita Annunciata
Harry Groener Tony Annunciata
Shirley Jones Bunny Burns
Cloris Leachman Helen Madden
Wendie Malick Inez
Austin Pendleton Two Digit Doyle
Maria Burton Ramona Annunciata
Ursula Burton Sister Theresa
Charity Burton , Gabrielle Burton , Jennifer Burton , Maria Burton , Ursula Burton
Gabrielle Burton
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Manna From Heaven

A Buffalo, N.Y., neighborhood receives a mysterious gift from the heavens: hundreds of crisp $20 bills. Young Theresa doesn't have much trouble convincing her family that the money is a financial windfall from God. Now, 30 years later, Theresa, who's become a nun, has an epiphany that the money must be returned. It's up to Theresa to persuade her family -- a motley collection of small-time crooks and gamblers -- that repaying the heaven-sent loan is the right thing to do.

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