Man on the Moon

Release Date:
Dec 20, 1999
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Milos Forman
Jim Carrey Andy Kaufman
J. Alan Thomas Himself / Jeff Bennett (uncredited)
Bob Zmuda Jack Burns
Max Alexander Harrah's Booker
Peter Bonerz Ed. Weinberger - Taxi Producer
Bobby Boriello Little Andy Kaufman
Brent Briscoe Heavyset Technician
Randall Carver Himself
Jeff Conaway Actor in Taxi Recreation (uncredited)
Danny DeVito George Shapiro
Tom Dreesen Wiseass Comic
Budd Friedman Himself
Paul Giamatti Bob Zmuda
Marilu Henner Actress in Taxi Recreation (uncredited)
Judd Hirsch Actor in Taxi Recreation (uncredited)
Angela Jones Hooker
Carol Kane Actress in Taxi Recreation (uncredited)
Jerry Lawler Himself
David Letterman Himself (uncredited)
Christopher Lloyd Actor in Taxi Recreation (uncredited)
Courtney Love Lynne Margulies
Norm Macdonald Michael Richards in 'Fridays' (uncredited)
Lorne Michaels Himself (uncredited)
Greyson Erik Pendry Little Michael Kaufman


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