Major Dundee

Release Date:
Mar 15, 1965
Running Time:
Sam Peckinpah
Charlton Heston Major Amos Charles Dundee
Richard Harris Captain Benjamin Tyreen
Jim Hutton Lieutenant Graham
James Coburn Samuel Potts
Michael Anderson Jr. Trooper Tim Ryan
Senta Berger Teresa Santiago
Mario Adorf Sergeant Gomez
Brock Peters Aesop
Warren Oates O.W. Hadley
Ben Johnson Sergeant Chillum
R. G. Armstrong Reverend Dahlstrom
L.Q. Jones Arthur Hadley
Slim Pickens Wiley
Karl Swenson Captain Waller
Michael Pate Sierra Charriba
John Davis Chandler Jimmy Lee Benteen
Dub Taylor Priam
Albert Carrier Captain Jacques Tremaine
José Carlos Ruiz Riago
Jerry Bresler
Harry Julian Fink, Oscar Saul, Sam Peckinpah

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Major Dundee

During the end of the Civil War, Major Dundee guards Confederate prisoners, Union deserters and ordinary hard-bitten criminals in a remote fort. When Apaches attack the fort and make off with three children, Dundee must set up a posse including Confederates, who face a choice between joining up or being shot. The feud between Dundee and Tyreen is also heated up by a sultry Mexican widow.

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