Magic in the Water

Release Date:
Aug 30, 1995
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Rick Stevenson
Mark Harmon Jack Black
Joshua Jackson Joshua Black
Harley Jane Kozak Dr. Wanda Bell
Sarah Wayne Ashley Black
Willie Nark-Orn Hiro
Frank Sotonoma Salsedo Uncle Kipper
Morris Panych Mack Miller
Tamsin Kelsey Sheriff Stevenson
Adrian Dorval Wright Hardy
Mark Acheson Lefty Hardy
Tom Cavanagh Simon
Garrett Bennett Christian, Patient #2
Brian Finney Bug-Eyes, Patient #3
David Rasche Phillip, Patient #4
John Proccacino Frank
Karen Murphy , Tony Allard , Matthew O'Connor , Rick Stevenson , William Stevenson
Ninian Dunet, Icel Dobell Massey, Rick Stevenson

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Magic in the Water

On vacation at a beautiful lake in British Columbia, Ashley and Joshua, the children of workaholic radio host Jack Black, learn about its mythical inhabitant, a sea monster named Orky. Soon, the kids learn that Orky is not only real, he's attempting to communicate with humans to warn them that an evil corporation is illegally dumping pollutants into his home. They try to save Orky with the help of an elderly Native American .

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