Madame Bovary

Release Date:
Aug 25, 1949
Running Time:
Vincente Minnelli
Jennifer Jones Emma Bovary
Van Heflin Charles Bovary
Louis Jourdan Rodolphe Boulanger
James Mason Gustave Flaubert
Christopher Kent Leon Dupuis
Gene Lockhart J. Homais
Frank Allenby Lhereux
Gladys Cooper Mme. Dupuis
John Abbott Mayor Tuvache
Henry Morgan Hyppolite
George Zucco Dubocage
Ellen Corby Felicite
Eduard Franz Roualt
Henri Letondal Guillaumin
Esther Somers Mme. Lefrancois
Edith Evanson Mother Superior (uncredited)
Edward Keane Presiding Judge (uncredited)
Paul Bryar Bailiff (uncredited)
Constance Purdy Mme. Foulard (uncredited)
Paul Cavanagh Marquis D'Andervilliers
Pandro S. Berman
Robert Ardrey

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Madame Bovary

Based on the French literary classic, this drama presents author Gustave Flaubert narrating his tale of infidelity and narcissism. After marrying small-town doctor Charles Bovary, Emma becomes tired of her limited social status and begins to have affairs, first with the young Leon Dupuis and later with the wealthy Rodolphe Boulanger . Eventually, however, her self-involved behavior catches up with her.

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