Mad Detective

Release Date:
Jul 18, 2008
Running Time:
Crime Drama
Johnnie To, Wai Ka-Fai
Lau Ching Wan Inspector Bun
Andy On Ho Ka-on
Lam Ka Tung Ko Chi-Wai
Kelly Lin May
Lee Kwok Lun Wong Kwok Chu
Karen Lee Gigi
Flora Chan Ko's Inner Personality
Eddy Ko The Chief
Lam Suet Ko's Inner Personality
Johnnie To , Wai Ka-Fai , Charles Heung
Wai Ka-Fai, Au Kin Yee

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Mad Detective

Chan Kwai Bun has the power to see people's ''inner personalities,'' making him a very capable, if unorthodox and unstable, police detective. He is invited back to active duty by Ho Ka On, a cop investigating the disappearance of a fellow officer whose weapon has been used in multiple robberies. Ho and Ko Chi Wai, the missing cop's partner, go after an Indian suspect. Bun, however, can see both men's inner selves and suspects something else at play.

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