Lonely Are the Brave

Release Date:
May 24, 1962
Running Time:
David Miller
Kirk Douglas Jack Burns/John W. Burns
Gena Rowlands Jerry Bondi
Walter Matthau Sheriff Morey Johnson
Michael Kane Paul Bondi
Carroll O'Connor Hinton (truck driver)
William Schallert Harry (soft-spoken radio operator)
George Kennedy Deputy Sheriff Gutierrez
Karl Swenson Rev. Hoskins (prison inmate)
Bill Mims First deputy arraigning Burns
Martin Garralaga Old man (observer in Latin bar)
Lalo Rios Prisoner
Edward Lewis
Edward Abbey, Dalton Trumbo

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Lonely Are the Brave

Ranch hand Jack Burns feels out of place in the modern world. Jack deliberately gets into a bar room fight to be imprisoned alongside friend Paul, arrested for helping illegal aliens. Jack tries to convince Paul to flee with him, but, as a family man, Paul has too much at stake. Jack escapes after a beating from a sadistic police deputy and heads for the hills. An extensive manhunt breaks out, led by sympathetic Sheriff Johnson .

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