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Light Keeps Me Company

Release Date:
Feb 5, 2000
Running Time:
Carl-Gustav Nykvist
Woody Allen Himself
Bibi Andersson Herself
Harriet Andersson Herself
Richard Attenborough Himself
Pernilla August Herself
Ingmar Bergman Himself
Tomas Bolme Himself
Jean Doumanian Herself
Melanie Griffith Herself
Erland Josephson
Melinda Kinnaman
László Kovács
Gunnel Lindblom Herself
Lars Blomgren , Gunnar Carlsson , Carl-Gustav Nykvist , Gudrun Nykvist , Klas Olofsson
Michal Leszczylowski, Carl-Gustav Nykvist, Gudrun Nykvist

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Light Keeps Me Company

In this documentary, Carl-Gustaf Nykvist paints a loving portrayal of his father, Sven, a renowned cinematographer. As a young man in Sweden, Nykvist makes a career shooting nature films and working on small productions. He rises to prominence in the 1950s when he begins a collaboration with Ingmar Bergman, the Swedish auteur. Interviews with Bergman, Woody Allen and actresses like Susan Sarandon and Gena Rowlands cement his legend, while the elder Nykvist's voice narrates his own story.

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