Lee Daniels' The Butler

The Butler
Release Date:
Aug 16, 2013
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Historical Drama
Lee Daniels
Forest Whitaker Cecil Gaines
Oprah Winfrey Gloria Gaines
John Cusack Richard Nixon
Jane Fonda Nancy Reagan
Cuba Gooding Jr. Carter Wilson
Terrence Howard Howard
Lenny Kravitz James Holloway
James Marsden John F. Kennedy
David Oyelowo Louis Gaines
Vanessa Redgrave Annabeth Westfall
Alan Rickman Ronald Reagan
Liev Schreiber Lyndon B. Johnson
Robin Williams Dwight Eisenhower
Clarence Williams III Maynard
Mariah Carey Hattie Pearl
Nelsan Ellis Martin Luther King Jr.
Yaya Alafia Carol Hammie
Colman Domingo Freddie Fallows
Minka Kelly Jackie Kennedy
Elijah Kelley Charlie Gaines
Alex Pettyfer Thomas Westfall
Jesse Williams Rev. James Lawson
Pamela Oas Williams , Laura Ziskin , Lee Daniels , Buddy Patrick , Cassian Elwes , Michael Finley , Sheila C. Johnson , Harvey Weinstein , Bob Weinstein , Len Blavatnik , Aviv Giladi , Vince Holden , Hilary Shor , Adam Merims , James T. Bruce IV , R. Bryan Wright , Elizabeth Destro , Jordan Kessler
Danny Strong
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Lee Daniels' The Butler

After leaving the South as a young man and finding employment at an elite hotel in Washington, D.C., Cecil Gaines gets the opportunity of a lifetime when he is hired as a butler at the White House. Over the course of three decades, Cecil has a front-row seat to history and the inner workings of the Oval Office. However, his commitment to his ``First Family'' leads to tension at home, alienating his wife and causing conflict with his anti-establishment son.

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