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Late Marriage

Mariage tardif
Hatuna Meuheret
Release Date:
May 17, 2002
Running Time:
Romance,Comedy Drama
Dover Koshashvili
Lior Louie Ashkenazi Zaza
Ronit Elkabetz Judith
Moni Moshonov Yasha
Sapir Kugman Madona
Aya Steinovits Laor Ilana
Rozina Cambos Magouly
Simon Chen Simon
Dina Doron Luba
Leonid Kanevski Otary
Livia Chachmon Ayaliy Margalita
Eli Turi Bessik
Maria Ovanov Lali
Marek Rozenbaum , Edgard Tenenbaum , Uddie Yerushalmi
Dover Koshashvili
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Late Marriage

Zaza is an eligible 31-year-old bachelor who has done his best to remain unattached. His traditional Georgian-Jewish family is growing impatient, however, and they aggressively join forces to choose a young bride for him, with the stipulation that she be a virgin. Zaza plays along, but he is already in love with Judith, an older divorcée and mother of a young child. Zaza has to decide whether to satisfy the desires of his parents, or his heart.

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