Land of the Pharaohs

Release Date:
Jun 24, 1955
Running Time:
Historical Drama
Howard Hawks
Jack Hawkins Pharaoh Khufu
Joan Collins Princess Nellifer
Dewey Martin Senta
James Robertson Justice Vashtar
Alexis Minotis Hamar
Sydney Chaplin Treneh
William Faulkner, Harry Kurnitz, Harold Jack Bloom

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Land of the Pharaohs

Obsessed with his fate in the afterlife, the egotistical Pharaoh Khufu recruits oppressed architect Vashtar and forces him to design the most lavish and well-secured pyramid ever built. Vashtar struggles to meet Khufu's lofty expectations, knowing that, if he does so, the ruler will release his enslaved brethren from bondage. As construction begins, Khufu's new wife, Princess Nellifer, plots to secure her own piece of the tyrant's riches.

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