Lady of the Night

Release Date:
Feb 23, 1925
Running Time:
Monta Bell
Norma Shearer Molly and Florence
Malcolm McGregor David
George K. Arthur Oscar
Fred Esmelton Judge Banning
Dale Fuller Miss Carr
Lew Harvey Chris
Betty Morrisey Gertie

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Lady of the Night

Molly Helmer is released from reform school. One night at a dance hall, an inventor named David Page rescues her from a stranger's unwanted advances. Molly falls in love with David, but David is oblivious to her feelings. He invents a safecracking device, and Molly encourages him to sell it to Judge Banning . David meets Banning's daughter, Florence (also Shearer), and they fall in love. Molly steps aside, believing they belong together.

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