Lady for a Day

Release Date:
Sep 7, 1933
Running Time:
Comedy Drama
Frank Capra
Warren William Dave the Dude/Dave Manville
May Robson Apple Annie/Mrs. E. Worthington Manville
Guy Kibbee Judge Henry G. Blake/Edward Worthington Manville
Glenda Farrell Missouri Martin
Ned Sparks Happy McGuire
Walter Connolly Count Romero
Jean Parker Louise
Nat Pendleton Shakespeare
Barry Norton Carlos
Halliwell Hobbes Rodney Kent's Butler
Hobart Bosworth Governor
Harry Cohn
Damon Runyon, Robert Riskin

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Lady for a Day

An aging New York City fruit seller named Apple Annie attempts to maintain an outrageous charade. Long separated from her daughter, Louise, who has been raised in a Spanish convent, Annie has hidden her modest position in life by claiming in her letters to be an aristocrat. When Louise finally comes to visit, Annie enlists the help of local gangster Dave the Dude to pose as a Manhattan socialite, leading to antics aplenty.

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