Ladder 49 - fanget i flammene

Release Date:
Oct 1, 2004
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Jay Russell
Joaquin Phoenix Jack Morrison
John Travolta Chief Kennedy
Jacinda Barrett Linda Morrison
Robert Patrick Lenny Richter
Morris Chestnut Tommy Drake
Billy Burke Dennis Gaquin
Balthazar Getty Ray Gauquin
Tim Guinee Tony Corrigan
Jay Hernandez Keith Perez
Kevin Daniels Don Miller
Kevin Chapman Lt. Frank Mckinny
Robert Logan Lewis Ed Reilly
Nick Loren Fireman
Armyan Bernstein , Casey Silver , Marty P. Ewing
Lewis Colick
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Ladder 49 - fanget i flammene

After saving the life of one of the civilians inside, firefighter Jack Morrison finds himself trapped in a burning warehouse with a broken leg. As his friend and mentor, Deputy Chief Mike Kennedy, tries to negotiate a rescue from without, Jack flashes back to various events in his life: the first, awkward days on the force, meeting the woman who would become his wife and saving a small girl from a burning building.

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