Un Grain De Folie

Release Date:
Apr 14, 1954
Running Time:
Norman Panama, Melvin Frank
Danny Kaye Jerry Morgan/Papa Morgan/Clarence
Mai Zetterling Dr. Ilse Nordstrom
Torin Thatcher Godfrey Langston
David Burns Marty Brown
Leon Askin Laslo Gromeck
Abner Biberman Maurice Papinek

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Un Grain De Folie

When his fiancée leaves him, ventriloquist Jerry Morgan alarms his manager, Marty, with a violent outburst directed at his two dummies. After promising Marty to see a psychiatrist over his behavior, Jerry takes his broken dummies to a shop -- where, unknown to him, the repairman is a spy who plants vital secret blueprints in the wooden dolls. Jerry then becomes the target of several determined spies, as well as a stunning psychiatrist .

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