Knock on Any Door

Release Date:
Feb 21, 1949
Running Time:
Crime Drama
Nicholas Ray
Humphrey Bogart Andrew Morton
John Derek Nick Romano
George Macready
Allene Roberts Emma
Susan Perry Adele Morton
Mickey Knox Vito
Barry Kelley Judge Drake
Dooley Wilson Piano player
Cara Williams Nelly
Jimmy Conlin
Robert Lord
John Monks Jr., Willard Motley, Daniel Taradash

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Knock on Any Door

Having pulled himself out of the poverty and squalor of a big city slum, idealist lawyer Andrew Morton agrees to defend a young juvenile delinquent from his old neighborhood. Nick Romano, the son of an innocent man Morton had unsuccessfully defended as a young lawyer years earlier, stands accused of murdering a policeman. In opposition to a law-and-order prosecutor, Morton argues that Nick's deprived upbringing led to his life of crime.

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