Kiss the Bride

Release Date:
Apr 18, 2008
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Romantic Comedy
C. Jay Cox
Tori Spelling Alex
Philipp Karner Matt
James O'Shea Ryan
Robert Foxworth Wayne
Tess Harper Barbara
Joanna Cassidy Evelyn
Amber Benson Elly
Garrett M. Brown Gerald
Jane Cho Stephanie
Michael Medico Sean
Steve Sandvoss Chris
E.E. Bell Dan
Brooke Dillman Virginia
C. Jay Cox , Bob Schuck , Richard Santilena , Scott Zimmerman , Les Williams , Paul Colichman , Steve P. Jarchow
Ty Lieberman
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Kiss the Bride

The life of Matt Roman is turned upside down when he learns that Ryan, his high-school lover, is going to be married -- to a woman. Believing that Ryan is undergoing some kind of identity crisis and needs help, Matt makes the journey back home, where he meets Ryan's bride-to-be, Alex . She immediately gets chummy with Matt, while Ryan claims that his prior flings with men were just part of a temporary phase. Matt, however, cannot accept this.

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