Kiss Me, Stupid

Release Date:
Dec 22, 1964
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Romantic Comedy
Billy Wilder
Dean Martin Dino
Kim Novak Polly the Pistol/Zelda
Ray Walston Orville J. Spooner
Felicia Farr Zelda 'Lambchop' Spooner/Polly the Pistol
Cliff Osmond Barney
Barbara Pepper Big Bertha
Doro Merande Mrs. Pettibone
Howard McNear Mr. Pettibone
Henry Gibson Smith
Alan Dexter Wesson
Tommy Nolan Johnnie Mulligan
Alice Pearce Mrs. Mulligan
John Fiedler Reverend Carruthers
Mel Blanc Dr. Sheldrake
Billy Wilder
Anna Bonacci, I.A.L. Diamond, Billy Wilder

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Kiss Me, Stupid

When popular singer Dino stops for gas in a small town near Las Vegas, mechanic Barney disables his car. Barney, who writes songs with local teacher Orville, wants Dino to sing some of their compositions. Orville invites Dino over, but sends his wife, Zelda, away so Dino can't hit on her. He then hires prostitute Polly to play his wife. Meanwhile, Zelda goes to a bar, where she gets drunk and eventually meets a lonely Dino.

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