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Kiss and Tell

Release Date:
Oct 4, 1945
Running Time:
Richard Wallace
Shirley Temple Corliss Archer
Jerome Courtland Dexter Franklin
Walter Abel Harry Archer
Katharine Alexander Janet Archer
Robert Benchley Uncle George
Porter Hall Bill Franklin
Edna Holland Mrs. Mary Franklin
Virginia Welles Mildred Pringle
Tom Tully Bob Pringle
Mary Philips Dorothy Pringle
Darryl Hickman Raymomd Pringle
Scott McKay Pvt. Jimmy Earhart
Scott Elliott Lt. Lenny Archer
Kathryn Card Louise
George Abbott
F. Hugh Herbert

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Kiss and Tell

Teenage girls and best friends Corliss Archer and Mildred Pringle always manage to get themselves into trouble, with their respective parents placing the blame on the others' daughter. But when Mildred secretly elopes with Corliss' brother, Lenny, things get a bit more complicated. Mildred becomes pregnant, and a misunderstanding leads everyone to believe Corliss is the one expecting. However, Corliss intends to keep quiet about the marriage.

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