Kingpin: Zwei Trottel auf der Bowlingbahn

Release Date:
Jul 4, 1996
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Bobby Farrelly, Peter Farrelly
Woody Harrelson Roy Munson
Randy Quaid Ishmael Boorg
Vanessa Angel Claudia
Bill Murray Ernie McCracken
Chris Elliott The Gambler
William Jordan Mr. Boorg
Richard Tyson Owner of Stiffy's
Lin Shaye Roy's Landlady
Zen Gesner Thomas Boorg
Prudence Wright Holmes Mrs. Boorg
Rob Moran Stanley Osmanski
Danny Green Calvert Munson
Steve Samples , Steve Stabler , Bradley Thomas , Brad Krevoy
Barry Fanaro, Mort Nathan

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Kingpin: Zwei Trottel auf der Bowlingbahn

Roy Munson is a young bowler with a promising career ahead of him until a disreputable colleague, Ernie McCracken, tricks him into participating in a con game that ends with Roy's bowling hand crippled for life. Years later, Roy ekes out a hardscrabble existence until he discovers Amish bowling phenom Ishmael . With the help of a gangser's girlfriend, he plots to take Ishmael to the top of the bowling world.

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