Killer's Kiss

Release Date:
Sep 28, 1955
Running Time:
Crime Drama,Thriller
Stanley Kubrick
Frank Silvera Vincent Rapallo
Jamie Smith Davy Gordon
Irene Kane Gloria Price
Jerry Jarrett Albert
Mike Dana Gangster
Felice Orlandi Gangster
Shaun O'Brien Landlord
Barbara Brand Taxi Dance Lady
Stanley Kubrick , Morris Bousel
Stanley Kubrick
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Killer's Kiss

Davey Gordon, a New York City boxer aging out of his profession, meets dancer Gloria Price, and they begin a romance. However, their budding relationship is interrupted by Gloria's violent boss, Vincent Rapallo, who has eyes for his employee. The two decide to skip town, but before they can, Vincent and his thugs abduct Gloria, and Davey is forced to search for her among the most squalid corners of the city, with his enemy hiding in the shadows.

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