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Kill the Poor

Release Date:
Apr 29, 2003
Running Time:
Alan Taylor
David Krumholtz Joe Peltz
Clara Bellar Annabelle Peltz
Paul Calderon Carlos DeJesus
Jon Budinoff Segundo
Cliff Gorman Yakov
Damian Young Delilah
Heather Burns Scarlet
Otto Sanchez Negrito
Zak Orth Butch
Larry Gilliard Jr. Spike
Ruth Charny , Lianne Halfon , Russell Smith , John Malkovich , Gary Winick , Alexis Alexanian , Jonathan Shoemaker , Jonathan Sehring , Caroline Kaplan , John Sloss
Daniel Handler

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Kill the Poor

Barely employed Manhattanite Joe agrees to a green-card marriage to Frenchwoman Annabelle . The newlyweds struggle to find an apartment on his meager salary, and settle on a unit in a shabby tenement building on a block where Joe's deceased grandparents once lived. Trouble begins when the neighbors name Joe head of the tenants association -- and promptly recruit him to escort wild-eyed Nuyorican prizefighter Carlos DeJesus from the premises.

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