Secretos de Familia

Release Date:
Sep 15, 2006
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Dark Comedy
Niall Johnson
Rowan Atkinson Walter Goodfellow
Kristin Scott Thomas Gloria Goodfellow
Maggie Smith Grace Hawkins
Patrick Swayze Lance
Tamsin Egerton Holly Goodfellow
Toby Parkes Petey Goodfellow
Liz Smith Mrs. Parker
Emilia Fox Rosie Jones
James Booth Mr. Brown
Patrick Monckton Bob
Rowley Irlam Ted
Vivienne Moore Mrs. Martin
Murray McArthur Vicar's Convention Emcee
Julia Palau , Matthew Payne , Steve Wilkinson , Anne Sheehan , Steve Christian , Marc Samuelson
Richard Russo, Niall Johnson
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Secretos de Familia

Walter Goodfellow, vicar of the British village Little Wallop, is busy composing the perfect sermon. So busy, in fact, that he fails to notice his bored wife's flirtation with her American golf instructor, his daughter's revolving set of boyfriends, or his son's status as the favorite target of bullies. Enter Grace Hawkins, the new housekeeper, who has a drastic solution to the family's problems.

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