Judge Hardy and Son

Release Date:
Dec 22, 1939
Running Time:
George B. Seitz
Lewis Stone Judge James K. Hardy
Mickey Rooney Andrew `'Andy'` Hardy
Cecilia Parker Marian Hardy
Fay Holden Mrs. Emily Hardy
Sara Haden Aunt Mildred `'Millie'` Forrest
Ann Rutherford Polly Benedict
June Preisser Euphrasia `'Phrasie Daisy'` Clark
Maria Ouspenskaya Mrs. Judith Volduzzi
Henry Hull Dr. Jones
Martha O'Driscoll Leonora V. `'Elvie'` Horton
Lou L. Ostrow
Carey Wilson

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Judge Hardy and Son

An elderly woman and her husband are on the verge of eviction, and seek the advice of Judge Hardy on how to keep their home. Hardy is led to believe the couple had a daughter who can help them in their predicament, but he needs to find her first. The judge tasks his son, Andy, with the search, which leads to some unfortunate events for the boy -- although Andy's problems seem less important when Mrs. Hardy falls ill.

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