Johanna von Orleans

Release Date:
Nov 11, 1948
Running Time:
Victor Fleming
Ingrid Bergman Joan of Arc
Jose Ferrer King Charles VII
Francis L. Sullivan Pierre Cauchon
J. Carrol Naish John
Ward Bond La Hire
Shepperd Strudwick Father Massieu
Gene Lockhart Georges de la Trémouille
Leif Erickson Dunois
Cecil Kellaway Jean le Maistre
Selena Royle Isabelle d'Arc
Robert Barrat Jacques d'Arc
Jimmy Lydon Pierre d'Arc
Rand Brooks Jean d'Arc
Roman Bohnen Durand Laxart
Irene Rich Catherine le Royer
Nestor Paiva Henri le Royer
Richard Derr Jean de Metz
Ray Teal Bertrand de Poulengy
David Bond Jean Fournier
George Zucco Constable of Clerveaux
George Coulouris Sir Robert de Baudricourt
John Emery Jean
John Ireland Capt. Jean de la Boussac
Nicholas Joy Reginault de Chartres
Richard Ney Charles de Bourbon
Walter Wanger

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Johanna von Orleans

During the Hundred Years' War, peasant girl Joan of Arc hears voices instructing her to save France from the English. Convinced that these unsummoned murmurings are divine messages from God, Joan consults the uncrowned Charles VII who, startled by the accuracy of her clairvoyance, assembles an army and installs her as its leader and spiritual guide. Her victorious forces reclaim much of their homeland from the English, but she herself falls into enemy hands.

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