Jim Thorpe, All American

Release Date:
Aug 24, 1951
Running Time:
Michael Curtiz
Burt Lancaster Jim Thorpe
Charles Bickford Glenn S. ``Pop'' Warner
Steve Cochran Peter Allendine
Phyllis Thaxter Margaret Miller
Dick Wesson Ed Guyac
Jack Big Head Little Boy Who Walk Like Bear
Suni Warcloud Wally Denny
Al Mejia Louis Tewanema
Hubert Jay Kerns Tom Ashenbrunner
Nestor Paiva Hiram Thorpe
Jim Moss Jim Thorpe Jr.
Billy Gray Young Jim Thorpe
Ed Max Football Manager
Everett Freeman
Douglas Morrow, Everett Freeman

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Jim Thorpe, All American

In this stirring biographical drama, young Native American Jim Thorpe pursues his dreams of athletic stardom. Mentored by a devoted coach, Thorpe succeeds at track before becoming a renowned football hero and an Olympic athlete. While remarkably accomplished on the field, Thorpe faces obstacles in his pursuit of becoming a professional coach, and also finds challenges in his love life, with its disappointments and heartaches that he must struggle to overcome.

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