Jerry and Tom

Release Date:
Jan 19, 1998
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Crime Drama
Saul Rubinek
Joe Mantegna Tom
Sam Rockwell Jerry
Maury Chaykin Billy
Ted Danson The Guy Who Loved Vicki
Charles Durning Vic
William H. Macy Karl
Peter Riegert Stanley
Sarah Polley Deb
Shelley Cook Vicki Torrance
Dwayne McLean 'B' Movie Bad Guy #1
Billy Oliver 'B' Movie Bad Guy #2
C.J. Fiddler 'B' Movie Actress
Alyson Court Jacki
Graeme Millington Brad
Lindsey Connell Sandra
Regan Moore Franky
Robert Racki Beefy Guy #1
Todd Schroder Beefy Guy #2
Gary McMillan Beefy Guy #3
Kirsten Bishop Dead Blond
Jimmy King Laundromat Victim
Paul Saltzman Chinese Restaurant Victim
Rick Cleveland Jimmy the Bus Boy
John Palmer Roebuck
Paul O'Sullivan Roebuck's Friend
Jennifer Whelan Roebuck's Friend
Thea Andrews Roebuck's Friend
Alice Harris Roebuck's Friend
Kerry Harris Roebuck's Friend
Tim Boyd Roebuck's Killer
Rick Cleveland , John Dunning , Vivienne Leebosh , Andre Link , Joe Mantegna , Michael Paseornek , Elinor Reid , Saul Rubinek , Jeff Sackman , Ralph Zimmerman
Rick Cleveland

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Jerry and Tom

Tom is a hardened assassin with an eager but boorish apprentice, Jerry . While waiting in a coffee shop for orders to take out their next target, Tom reminiscences about his life as a hired killer. He tells the story of how his boss, Vic, is supposedly the man who killed both Elvis and JFK. He also tells about the time he struggled to execute an old friend and his regret over once mistakenly killing the wrong target.

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