Jacob the Liar

Release Date:
Apr 24, 1977
Running Time:
Comedy Drama
Frank Beyer
Vlastimil Brodský
Erwin Geschonneck
Manuela Simon
Henry Hübchen
Blanche Kommerell
Deszo Garas
Zsuzsa Gordon
Friedrich Richter
Margit Bara
Reimar-Johannes Baur

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Jacob the Liar

Based on the lauded novel by Jurek Becker, this dark comedy focuses on Jakob Heym, a Jew living in a Polish ghetto. When Jakob is temporarily detained by German officers and overhears news on their radio that the Russians are advancing on Nazi forces, he is thrilled at the prospect of freedom. In order to convince others of the news, Jakob pretends that he has a radio of his own -- a serious crime in the ghetto -- and begins making up stories to maintain his deception.

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