It Happened in Hollywood

Release Date:
Sep 7, 1937
Running Time:
Comedy Drama
Harry Lachman
Richard Dix Tim Bart
Fay Wray Gloria Gay
Victor Kilian Slim
Franklin Pangborn Mr. Forsythe
Charlie Arnt Jed Reed
Granville Bates Sam Bennett
William B. Davidson Al Howard
Arthur Loft Pete
Edgar Dearing Stevens
James Donlan Shorty
Billy Burrud Billy
Zeffie Tilbury Miss Gordon
Harold Goodwin Buck
Ethel Hill, Harvey Fergusson, Sam Fuller

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It Happened in Hollywood

Orphaned and hospitalized, young Billy is thrilled when his favorite silent movie hero, Tim Bart, visits and invites the boy to drop by his California ranch house when he recovers. Unfortunately, when the advent of talking pictures destroys Tim's career, the cowboy actor goes bankrupt and loses his home. Meanwhile, Billy has fled the sick ward to find his idol, and Tim must enlist the help of his actress pal, Gloria, to convince the lad he's still a star.

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